Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Treats: Double Chocolate Mocha Trifle

1 package of brownie mix (and ingredients to make your mix)
2 cups of milk
2 packages (3.4 oz) of vanilla pudding mix
4 tsp instant coffee grounds
2 Tbsp water
2 cups whipped topping
chocolate covered toffee bars, crushed

1. Bake brownies as directed on box. Let cool completely. Cut into cubes.

2. In medium bowl, whisk together pudding mix and milk until it begins to thicken. Dissolve coffee grounds in water. Stir coffee into pudding mixture. Fold in whipped topping and blend well.
3. In trifle bowl, layer one third brownie cubes, one third pudding mixture, one third candy topping. Repeat...another layer of brownies...

Another layer of whipped topping...

(and here I had to do some improvising. I thought I bought chocolate covered toffee candy, however, it was just the toffee part, so I went out and got a couple Heath bars, and since we are in Baltimore, I just crushed the heck out of the bars with my crab mallet and got a wonderful candy mix for the topping!)

Repeat layering until all ingredients are used. Chill 30 minutes in refrigerator before serving.
Now, I know most people hate the cleaning up part of baking. But I think its the best part. Place little bit of brownie on a spoon, scrape off remainder of pudding mix onto spoon, sprinkle a couple chocolate candies, place in mouth, and taste the beauty of chocolate and coffee!!! Yummm! (I never will serve guests without making sure it has a test run first! ;)) Okay, okay, now you have to do the dishes!


"A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine" - Lora Brody

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