Friday, May 21, 2010

Productive Weekend Update!

My productive weekend started off like this...

1. Get everything together for taking call. I really think a nice glass of wine would help with some of the jitters of having to take call for the first time, however, I'm afraid one glass would turn into two...or three...and then I might be a little impaired to take care of patients. So, I decided to just keep my mind off of it and get some errands done, while of course having my phone glued to my side.

2. Target for some cleaning supplies for the weekend. And thankfully, for once, I stuck to my plan and did not come out of there with a bunch of other items that I did not necessarily need!

3. Dry Cleaners to make a drop off.

4. Bank, to make a deposit! YEA! It's so nice to make a deposit instead of a in the county, here we come! (in the far, far future)

5. MIL's house to drop off some of the wonderful purchases I made at Macy's a couple weeks ago. They were having a GREAT sale and I picked up some of the lingering items off of our registry. We have all of our Villery & Bock everyday dishes and I couldn't be more excited! They even had Waterford on sale so I picked up one of our wine glasses. I can't wait to entertain in our new house (in the future) with our new dishes and serving utensils!

6. Then, I headed to Road Runners with the hubby. He said he wants to start running with me, and I'm SOOO excited! And I didn't even ask him, he wanted to do this on his own! Road Runners was awesome! They measured the hubby's feet, put him on a mat to see where he puts most pressure, and then watched him run on a treadmill. He got a new pair of sneakers that he says feel AWESOME!

7. And our last stop (in between the many pages I received and trying to figure out what to do with all these patients I dont know), was at the vet to pick up this:

Our little buddy got "fixed" yesterday and was all tuckered out! He did great, but since he's a very playful pup, he must keep the collar on for a couple days. And that green bandage is just from where the IV was. Poor little guy!
Well, that was my productive Friday! Here's to more productivity on Saturday!

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