Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Well, the entire house is clean!!! Oh it feels so wonderful to be in a nice clean house! But I couldn't have done it without these products...

Tide plus Febreze Sport:
This stuff is wonderful! The first time I used it on our sheets, I could not believe how wonderfully they smelled when I was lying in bed. So fresh and so clean! I actually got all the laundry done (including towels, sheets, bath mats, rugs) except for one load that I will finish up tomorrow!

Pledge Wipes:
This may be because I'm lazy, but I just love these! I hate using reusable cloths to dust, as I feel like I go through them like crazy and end up with more laundry. These are wonderful and disposable!

Handi Wipes:

My dear Handi Wipes, what would I do without you?!?! I use them just about everyday. I have one I use in the kitchen and then keep the rest of the stack in the cleaning bin for days like today. They do a great job and don't fall apart, yet can still be tossed away when you are done with them-no more laundry involved!

Well, it's been a great Saturday! I got all the cleaning done in the house, ran with the hubby outside at the park, went to the store and stocked up on some fun goodies for a mini-cookout with my parents, baked a Sweet Treat for dessert, and took care of our recovering pup. Hubby got to play golf, I have a nice clean house, and we were able to spend some time with family...wonderful day for all!

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