Monday, May 3, 2010

Baltimore's Farmers Market

OK, so this picture is NOT in Baltimore and this is NOT a farmers market, however this IS one of my VERY best friends who introduced me to farmers markets! "E" and I have been best friends since 5th grade and will always be best friends, I'm sure of it. She is probably one of the most amazing women I know who is incredibly strong willed and super creative. (You should check her photography...its absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!) Anyways, to get to the point, this picture was taken in San Diego when I had the opportunity to visit "E" and she introduced me to farmers markets. We went to two or three different ones while I was out there, and what a great time it was! To be able to buy local produce right down the street at any day in time is a dream to me! "E" always has fresh flowers in her house and tasty fruits from the markets, which is something I just idolize! Of course, the weather in San Diego is a little more conducive to outdoor farmers markets than Baltimore.

So, now I have to make do with what I can in Baltimore. Yesterday was so exciting since it was the first day of the Baltimore's Farmers Market for the season! It was a very warm (almost summer like) day here in Baltimore with some thick humidity. The place was packed! There were so many great sites; two in particular I will share.

One was the steel band ( I just LOVE steel bands!!!). I thought I took a picture, but I must have hit the wrong button (tech savvy, huh?). They were great and added such a nice touch to the morning.

The other tent I loved was this smoothie stand. You want a smoothie? Well, pick out your ingredients, jump on the bike and peddle your way to a refreshing drink! It was just so fun to watch and everyone said the smoothies tasted great!

For all of my Baltimore friends, the market started this past Sunday and will go through December 19th. It starts each Sunday morning at 7am and goes until 12pm. They have a great selection of everything including fresh fruit, flowers, herbs, pit beef sandwiches, homemade jams and honey, coffee, seafood, jewelery, even donuts. My hubby's personal favorite...the nut tent! He loves the Old Bay Peanuts! Unfortunately, they were sold out this morning, but I will try to get there earlier next week for him. In my opinion, no better way to spend a Sunday morning. Hope to see you all out there for the future Sunday's to come!

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