Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tanning Time!

It's spring time and you know what that means- shorts, sundresses, and short sleeve shirts! So, who doesn't want a nice tan when you have bare arms and legs?!?! But who does want wrinkles, blemishes, and even worse, cancerous lesions?!?!

Well, I have an answer! Self tanning lotions and spray tanning are my lifesavers! I used to bake in the sun and go to the tanning bed on a regular basis. I've had second degree burns that almost landed me a trip to the hospital while vacationing in Florida. So, although I had these bad habits as a teen (and tween), I can only hope, I set a better example today in my late 20's and beyond. So no more "fake and bake" for this girl!

I love to spray tan, and even did this the day of our rehearsal dinner and it was flawless! However, spray tanning can become expensive, so I have a couple products that I love, that also won't break the bank.

First, make sure to put a hair cap on if using a spray tan. And you can put some vaseline on your nail beds to prevent the orange lines around your cuticles. Also, you can spray your hands with an aerosol deoderant. This helps minimize any over exposure to the tanning creams/sprays, but also allows a little color so you don't have the "white glove" look!

This tanning "gelee" is amazing! I put it on after showering and exfoliating, while minimally covering my hands, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet. It turns out great, and looks very natural! After you apply it, it only takes a couple minutes to dry and then you can put on your clothes and go about your day (or night). A couple hours later (or the next morning) you will see you look like you have just been in the sun. I absolutely love this product, although it is quite hard to find more recently. There is a lotion, but the results are more orange looking to me.
Towelettes! What a great idea! These are super easy to use and look very natural too! Great for traveling, as they are easy to pack and won't spill or leak. I just used these this past weekend and my arms looked tan in my dress, however, no one said anything about being tan, which in my opinion is a good sign, as I don't to look like I just got back from Hawaii for a week.
And by all means, don't let these products fool can still get a bad burn if you don't continue to apply your SPF daily (or more often if at the beach and such). This is my all time favorite sunscreen, as it does not make me breakout, it is light weight, and not greasy by any means.

And if you so happen to have any of those lines from a little too much self tanner, you can always use body hair bleach to clean it up. Please only use this in less sensitive areas such as nails and feet, though. And if you have a big overall mess, you can always soak in a baking soda bath to calm it down!
I hope these tips can help keep your skin glowing all year long, without the harmful exposure to the sun or artificial rays.

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