Saturday, December 4, 2010

Preppy Ornaments

It's the perfect weekend to decorate the Christmas tree!
I love admiring all of the ornaments on the tree, as each of them seems to tell a little about each one of us. My favorite ones include the timeless ball with my dads' name and birthday on it...I don't even touch it as its so fragile I'm afraid it will break (that tells you how old he is! ;))! Or the beautiful ornaments I have collected from each place I have visited and remind me of wonderful times with friends and family.
My all time favorite is a little girl sitting on Santa's lap (who is dressed in a Tennessee orange suit). The little girl is holding her Christmas list that includes "Beat Florida." This ornament was given to me from my dad and one I will always cherish!

Now, for some fun ornaments for your preppy friends and family!

This ornament is an Angela Moore ornament.
She has all sorts of fun designs and even has some for the guys with golf themes!

Of course, when we think preppy, we think Lilly Pulitzer.
Here are some of my favorite Lilly ornaments, but be sure to stock up soon, as they always go fast!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!