Monday, December 20, 2010

Who the heck was that Sad Sap Earlier?!

Girlfriends, I'm back!
No more Sad Sap or Debbie Downer here!
I got the heck out of bed and decided to take action into my own hands.

I went to Lowes. Yup, me, at Lowes. And guess what, I didn't have to ask a single guy what to do or where to go. I knew my way around that place!
I was freezing in my basement so I got a space heater, some foam things for around the outlets, some firewood, fireplace tools, and some other gizmos and gadgets.
I went to a couple other stores and came home and guess what I did?
I used tools. And no, they weren't Fisher Price tools. I mean real tools.
And I put together a table, lamps, an ottoman, and the space heater myself.
Then, I did the unspeakable...

No one thought I could do it on my own, but I did it!
I made my very first fire all on my own!
So far, the fire department hasn't shown up.
Hmmm….maybe I should have a little "accident."
I always thought a man in uniform was cute ;)
Just kidding…kind of!

Then, I went back to my usual ways and into the kitchen I went.
I made Canoli Dip for the girls tonight.
(I'll be sure to share the recipe tomorrow with you all!)

And now, I'm home, enjoying a little downtime before my friends stop by.
I think I'll enjoy a glass of wine by the fire and read my Nook until my evening begins.


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