Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Treats: Hot Chocolate

So, it's freezing here in Maryland, and I mean FREEZING!
I'm not a fan of this weather and if I didn't just buy this house I think I would pack up my belongings and head south with the birds!
But for now, Maryland is my home and I have to learn to adjust (sigh!).
So, what better time to bake and get that oven started!
BUT...I'm going out of town this weekend (YAY!), so it's a little difficult to bake and I barely have anything to eat in this house.
So in order to stay warm and toasty I decided to drink some hot cocoa after work yesterday and call it a night!
Who doesn't love chocolate?! I mean, really!

But as I was searching for the best hot chocolate recipe, I came across something even more cool....a Hot Chocolate Bar!!!

So, friends, if you are one of those couples who likes to get married in the freezing cold temperatures, I have such a neat idea for you!

Almost everyone now is doing the Candy Bar theme at weddings, so why not switch it up for a more unique twist with this
Hot Chocolate Bar?

Here's how you do it:
Serve it in some fancy mugs (or even mugs of your weddings colors).
Have an assortment of flavored hot cocoa, such as peppermint, white chocolate, and dark chocolate.
Have an assortment of add ins (make sure they are finely chopped so they will melt easily),
such as
peppermint sticks
flavored syrups
flavored whipped cream
cinnamon sticks
orange twists or rinds
chopped up candy bar
chocolate chips
chocolate truffles
caramel squares

How fun would that be?!

For now, I think I'll look forward to an evening that includes a nice warm bath with my hot chocolate in hand!


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  1. I've been reading your blog for a few months now and loved how you always talked about saving for your dream home out in the county! I hope your new home is everything you and the hubby dreamed of...and more.

    My hubby and I bought in the city back in June and I still feel like we are getting settled. We are still waiting on furniture for our main living room (since our old living room furniture is in the basement/man room) that we ordered 8 weeks ago....DYING to have it all in time for Christmas!

    Talk about Smalltimore.....we were in the same Pre-Cana class, my hubby's best friend has a sister who is super close with your sis and then I came across your blog while trying to find a recipe when I was feeling a little domestic. I tried your cake balls...everything was fine until melting the chocolate......needless to say, everything went in the trash :(