Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Minds = Perfect Finds!

This, my friends, is the best mom ever!!!
She is like a woman on a mission when it comes to furniture shopping for my new home!
Thank God for her!!!

I always knew I would love decorating my home one day,
but I never knew I would have this much fun!

My mom and I have been on the "hunt" and running around to all sorts of furniture stores and consignment shops, moving furniture in, and dragging it back out when it's a "no-go."

BUT, today we finally made some progress!

Look at this gorgeous chair we found for the living room.
Plans include (in the future) to redo the needlepoint on the chair, but for now, it goes perfectly with my yellow couch with beautiful print pillows.
(I'm pretty traditional, in case you couldn't tell!)

And look at these babies. I saw these a couple weeks ago at a consignment shop, but thought they would never match my decor in my living room.
Well, today my mom and I tried them in the kitchen sitting area and they look perfect!

We found one more chair for the living room, but that won't come in for a little bit, but I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely!

I hope by tomorrow to show you my new dining room table and chairs!!!

I'm so thankful to have a mom like mine.
Not only is she the best shopping partner, but she has more energy and spunk than I ever will! She had us moving furniture all over the house and running in and out of stores…and thanks to her I got A LOT accomplished.



  1. BEAUTIFUL finds!!! I love all of them!! Your mom is as cute as you and it sounds like you are two peas in a pod! My mom has that kind of energy and a good eye for furniture shopping too! My house would be a disaster without her!

  2. When I saw the first chair, I really liked it. When I saw the next picture of the set of chairs I officially grew jealous and drooled. LOVE them!! Too bad I cannot just order a complete copy of them. So much fun to go house hunting with your mom!

  3. I love the chairs for your kitchen sitting area! LOVE them! And it sounds pretty nice that you have a kitchen sitting area :) And be proud of yourself for the progress you have made. You make me feel like a TOTAL slacker :)

    We moved into our house June 1st, and we aren't even close to where you are! We JUST got our furniture for our living room delivered LAST WEEK. That was after waiting 10 weeks for it to arrive. We are still waiting on the end tables which they told us would be another two-three weeks (I'll blog the before and after once the room is complete.) The painter started last week but everything won't be complete until some time next week. Next up is mounting the two new TV's and meeting with the lady who is going to do our blinds, shutters and window treatments.

    Give yourself a pat on the back! You are making progress :)

    Any places you would recommend to look for rugs? I still haven't been able to find a 6x9 rug for our dining room. The main problem is our dining room table is a pale yellow and the chairs are dark brown. I found one rug I loved, but it didn't come in a 6x9. waaahhhhh.

  4. mom's make the best shopping buddies! I'm determined to find my own set of matching wing chairs this year!