Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Fun Finds!

Today I was lucky.  Very lucky!
I went into the consignment shop where I spent some time with my mom yesterday to see if this beautiful dining room table and chairs had been priced yet.  (It had just come in yesterday and they couldn't price it until later in the afternoon or today some time).  There was not a price on the table, so I asked one of the salesmen and was told that they had just gotten off the phone with the seller and she told me the price.  I was in HEAVEN.  This beautiful table and 6 chairs, with 2 leaves and the pads to go with it were all in my price range.  I bought it on the spot and had it delivered this evening.
I'm SO in love with it! 
It's basically brand new, the seller had never used it and the seat cushions are a beautiful off white/cream that don't need to be recovered or anything!

And then I found the most gorgeous painting to hang in the living room at Home Goods.  It looks PERFECT!

The beautiful plantations shutters were installed on the bay window and all the windows in the kitchen.  The just look fabulous and add so much to the house.

The last thing I did was pick up a reddish wing chair that I had ordered for the living room.

My house is finally becoming my home! I'm so excited!!!  Can you tell?!

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