Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Treats: Wedding Cake

Our beautiful wedding cake made by the local french bakery,
Of course, everything in our wedding was monogrammed,
including the cake.
The flavors we chose for our cake were
L'Orange: Buttercream and almond cake flavored with Grand Manier brandy
alternating layers with
Fraiser: Light genoise cake with fresh strawberries, Kirsch and Mousseline

Our rehearsal dinner cake was made by a local bakery, Graul's Market.

It was a red velvet golf themed cake for hubby. It looked, and tasted, great!

And this my friends, was our runner up for a rehearsal dinner cake. We thought it would be so fun and cute for a Baltimore wedding!

And now I'm officially craving our wedding cake!
Just think, we have the top layer frozen in my parents freezer to eat later this week...
I think I'll stop by the bakery and get a little slice of each cake, you know, just in case our original cake didn't hold up.

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  1. they all look so so beautiful! and yummy! That last cake is incredible! Even the detail on the old bay seasoning box! wow!