Monday, August 9, 2010

Monogram Monday: Bach Party

Oh how I wish I was in West Palm Beach with the best group of girls ever right about now! This time last year, we were down in Florida, roasting in the sun (literally, it was soooo hot), dancing the nights away! Since my wonderful friends flew down to Florida to celebrate with me and took time out of their busy schedules, I wanted to bring them a little something on the trip to say "Thanks!"

Since our wedding colors were "raspberry" and "celery," as how I described them to everyone, I bought some pink and some green bags from Target, and mismatched the tissue paper inside. Inside each bag, I put a koozie with their initial (to make sure our drinks kept cool on that hot hot beach!). You can find these koozies here or in many other retail stores.

In their bags, I also included a bikini bag! I LOVE these things! It has a lining so it's great to take a wet bathing suit home in at the end of a beach day without getting the rest of your clothes wet or smelly. If I'm not using it for a bikini, I also use it on the beach to carry my cell phone, ipod, etc in, that I dont want to get wet or ruined in the sand. They are so cute, and even a couple of them are dedicated to breast cancer, which made me feel great when purchasing them!

What a great weekend, with the best group of girls!

Since many girls have asked, this was just a little gift for thanking them for coming to the bachelorette party. For the bridesmaids gifts for the wedding, click here.


  1. I sometimes miss those good ole' wedding planning days! And the parties that came along with it. We must think alike, I gave my girls shoe bags instead of bikini bags!

    About the blog change...I've seen a few people re-create theirs. The website link stays the same, I think you just make up your own new title and put it into your dashboard somehow. All have let their followers know before the change, then after the change, too. I think I might do a fun give-away to celebrate the update! (I still think this is a while away..gotta come up with a new name)

    ;) Hannah

  2. How adorable! I'm going to my first "friend who's my age"s wedding this weekend back at Cornell! She and her sweetheart and marrying in the chapel there. I have the same yellow and white dress!