Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lastest Fashion Obsession

Oh what would I do for a Vintage Alhambra necklace. However, this newlywed girl is busy saving, saving, saving for our future dream home and future kiddies (I don't know how all you parents do it these days!), so that necklace isn't even on the back burner; it's out the window. But low and behold I found this beauty at Fornash for a mere $38!!!

And while I was "there," I also saw the fall line for my favorite bracelet! I love these bracelets not only beacuse they are colorful and fun, but they actually fit my small wrist!!! I saw these at "In the Pink" in Cape Cod and bought a pink and white one (from their spring/summer collection), but felt the need to get a fall one too. My sister originally had gotten one that was green and white, but she lost it. Being the kind, loving, sweet, adoring (alright, hopefully she's gagging now) sister I am, I bought her a new one!

And what about these bracelets?! LOVE them, however I think they will be too big for my wrist, but I might snatch up some for a gift...hmm!
Happy Fornash Shopping, girls!


  1. I'm going to search for those top bracelets right now! I have a small wrist and love to find bracelets that fit!

  2. I am a tiny wrist too. (will be posting about that....funny picture, stay tuned, lol!)

    I LOVE those, esp. the first picture...too cute!

  3. You will love these bracelets if you have small wrists, I promise! I wanted to buy them all!