Sunday, August 8, 2010

Southern Staple: Deviled Eggs

While in college at UT, I was told many times I was "a yankee."
However, I'm told all the time now that I "should move to the south" because I am such "a southern girl at heart."
Well, I've been born and raised in Maryland my whole life, but would like to think I have the manners of a Southern Lady just like my sweet friends in Tennessee! I learned a lot from them over my four years, and one thing I know is
Maryland IS south of the Mason Dixon lines and in Maryland we make Deviled Eggs, too!

*Newlywed Note: I love Deviled Eggs, but the hubby does not! He does not like the smell what so ever! (The smell of eggs and tuna make him gag; of course I love these two foods)
So, since the hubster was out golfing this morning, I decided to make some of these yummies!
(It's all about compromise, ladies, and finding little "tricks" to make things work)
1. Boil eggs. Hmm...harder than it sounds...
Now, I have tried and tried to do this on my own, however, the shells were either stuck to the egg, or I made some kind of mess. That was until I discovered the Eggsact Egg Timer a couple years ago! THANK GOD for this! I have NEVER had an egg come out bad when using this! You just plop it in the boiling water with an egg, and when the red egg turns completely purple, they are finished cooking!
2. Let eggs cool. I usually boil eggs one day, and make the deviled eggs the next, but that's just me because I'm very impatient (that would be a "Yankee" trait of mine, I guess!)
4 Hard boiled eggs
2 Tbsp Mayo
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
3. Slice the eggs in half with a sharp knife.
4. Place the yolks in a seperate small bowl and combine with mayo, mustard, salt and pepper.
Now, I know some people get out the mixer and mix it all up. I prefer to go the lazy way, and beat it together with a fork (less clean up for me!)
Plus, my mom has always done it this way, and as we all know,
"Momma knows best!"

5. Fill a plastic baggie with the yolk mixture and cut a little hole and fill the egg white halves.
6. Sprinkle with paprika.

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