Friday, August 20, 2010

Nook Book

Look what came in the mail this week?!

I'm so excited that my Nook has a little home now.

And it's a beautiful home, at that.

Love at first sight...

The Lilly Pulitzer Secret Garden Cover
found at
Barnes and Noble

All images courtesy of Barnes & Noble


On another note, want one of these?

Head over to Pink Martinis and Pearls and sign up for the giveaway!!! Ends August 29th!


  1. This is the same cover I *think* I'll end up getting...I love it! It's so hard to decide though. :)
    Here I am planning covers when I don't even have a Nook yet! Do you love yours? I hope to have it before Christmas but I can hardly wait till then...


  2. Lottie, I LOVE it! Its great! Cant believe I waited this long for it...hope you get to see for yourself soon!