Friday, August 27, 2010

Bridal Shower Gift Makeover

When you are looking for a bridal shower gift, do you run to the registry, or find a gift on your own? I love registries because I know it's something the bride and groom need and will like. However, I also like to add a little spice to the gift and think of a special way to give it. Here are some of my ideas that I have used in the past.

1. Find a apron at a local store. Take it to have it embroidered with the bride's new monogram. Pair this with something from registry (cookbook, baking dish or utensils, endless ideas)

2. Photo coasters. I actually did not give this as a gift, but I received it at one of my showers and loved it! Photo coasters can be found at Crate and Barrel and you can put pictures of the couple in each coaster!

3. If the couple registered for a cookbook holder, try pairing it with cookbook that they might enjoy! (That's actually the gift that is pictured above)

4. Serving dish from the registry paired with tea towel and serving utensil tied on top.

5. You could always do a theme: find a basket at a craft store and pick a theme, such as outdoor deck party. Add some of the margarita glasses that the couple registered for and add some margarita mix, salsa, and maybe an appetizer cookbook.

6. Baking dish (such as the 13 X 9 pan) off the registry with ingredients to make brownies and tied together w/ a famous recipe of yours.

7. Who really wants to get those napkin rings that the couple registered for? Now you do! Just take napkins and get them monogrammed and pair it with the rings and you have a lovely gift!

8. How about glass canisters for the bathroom from Crate and Barrel? You could spruce it up by getting them monogrammed, or even leave as is and fill with cotton swabs, Q-tips, etc.

9. Ceramic canisters for the kitchen can be a great gift and you can add baking ingredients and cookie recipe of yours.

10. How about a cute serving platter? Pair that with some fun cocktail napkins and a recipe of yours. Now, the bride is really ready to entertain!


  1. Great ideas to share!

    One time I attended a Stock the Bar party. I took rum, printed a rum cake recipe off the computer, and tied it on with pretty ribbons. My other favorite thing to to is make baskets of "stuff"-I have done one full of bbq, another with kitchen goodies, and one with wine goodies.

    So much more fun than just a plain gift. They are always a hit, too!


    P.S. I mentioned you in my post today.

  2. I just love all of your ideas! I think buying off of registries is important but adding a personal touch is perfect!

  3. What great ideas! I love to do little gift baskets for friends; they're so much fun to make (and fun to get, too!)!