Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Wellness: Protect Your Face and Look Beautiful

Do you remember the days of having a "white face" from all the sunscreen you wore just to protect your face from sun damage?
I'll never forget my mother taking a picture of my boyfriend (now hubby) and I on the beach and saying, "Lauren, your face looks so...white."
But I had to use certain sunscreens so my face wouldn't breakout. It was a vicious skin always felt nice before the beach, and then with all the sunscreen, I came home with tiny little breakouts all over. YUCK!
GONE are those days!
Now, I have a beauty routine for each and everyday that leaves my skin smooth and free from sun damage, all while glowing.
First things first...
Neocutis. Oh how I love thee! I first tried these products when doing a dermatology rotation for clinical and I instantly fell in love! I use the Neocutis Bio-restorative Cream every day for my moisturizer, along with the Lumienere Eye Cream. The Journe I also use, but when I go in the sun. Its slightly tinted (so it doesn't give you that white look) and is great for moisturizing too! Its rather expensive, but totally worth it!
Next step, Clinique's Almost Makeup.
I use this as a foundation, but like it states, it does not feel OR look like foundation AT ALL.
This, also has SPF 15 in it to protect me from those harmful rays!

I then use my Trish McEvoy pressed powder and bronzer.
OK, so I do not use this product when I go out to the beach, but I do use it every other day.
Her powder also has SPF 15 in it!

And during the Nordstrom annual sale last week or so, I also got this baby...
"Flawless Lip"
It is supposed to be used like a primer on your lips to keep your gloss on longer.
So far, I think it works, but not much longer. I like the smooth feel of it though!

And with the help of Flawless Lip, my Clinique lip gloss stays on longer, even if its only a tad bit longer, to help protect against those rays with the SPF too!

Now, you can look beautiful at the beach, all while staying protected against the sun!
Of course, now my hubby says, "Why are you getting all dressed up for the beach?" Ugh, men!

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  1. I am going to look into the Neocutis! I have never heard of it. I use Obagi skincare {only b/c of Rosecea and acne prone skin, grrrr} But I like the all natural products, since I such sensitive skin. Thanks for these recommendations!