Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wellness: Delighted to see my Dentist!

Tomorrow I'm headed to the dentist for my 6 month check up. I know most people hate going to the dentist, but call me crazy, I love to go! My dentist is just the sweetest person who makes the whole experience wonderful. I actually feel like I go there for 30 minutes of socialization with my dentist and her hygienist. I love the feeling of fresh cleaned teeth straight from the dentist office; there is nothing quite like it! Even though I try to floss and brush regularly, and have even bought the "dental tools" at Target to make sure my teeth are plaque free, there is just something about sitting in that chair and having the dentist and her tools go to work so you come out with your sparkly white teeth! I love it so much I even went on my 21st birthday (to make sure my teeth would sparkle in all the pictures of me drinking some lovely concoctions with my dear friends, of course)! Here's to you, Dr. B, for making sure my oral hygiene is in tip top shape!

What are you doing this week to maintain or improve your overall health and wellness?
*Newlywed Note: To keep yourself looking young and beautiful, your teeth should look just as they are described...pearly whites! To keep mine pearly and white I rinse with Scope Whitening Mouthwash twice a day. You want to look your best for hubby, right?! Oh, and I always drink my coffee from a straw (when at home, not in public!) to prevent from staining.*


  1. It is unusual to go the dentist, especially on your birthday. But I guess you were so fond of her that you found it just fine. I always love getting my teeth cleaned, although I'm still a bit reluctant to go my dentist.

    Ethan Pew

  2. We know exactly what dentists do, and we're not supposed to be scared. They're even doing everything they can for us to feel comfortable and at ease during the process. I'm glad you are able to impart your story about your dentist.

    Pierre Cardan

  3. That is a great advice and I also recommend my patient to visit every after six month. Being as a Newport dentist I can say regular dental check up can reduce the risk of oral disease.