Monday, July 12, 2010

Monogram Monday: Outdoor Spa Drinks!

As you know, I love to entertain. This glass drink dispenser was one of my favorite gifts I registered for at Pottery Barn. I have this vision that we will one day have a nice deck (with perhaps a pool?!) and this would be great to display to allow guests to stay hydrated. Well, my idea got even better as I sat at the spa in Hawaii! The spa had one of these great big drink dispensers and had the most wonderful acrylic glasses to go with their very refreshing drink. Honestly, I think it was just water with slices of oranges, lemon, lime and pineapple, but it tasted great! I was relaxing around the pool sipping on this, just thinking how I could bring this serenity home with me, and then I had it! I will just make this refreshing drink at home in my dispenser we received for a gift and serve in acrylic glasses outdoors, just like they did in Hawaii.
Of course I had to step it up a notch with some monogrammed glasses! We then added these wonderful glasses to our registry and love them!

We registered for both sizes and they are great! You can find these personalized glasses at Williams-Sonoma.

Hope you are staying cool and refreshed on this hot summer day!

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