Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Latest Obsession

I have been reading about these for a while now and debating on getting one. I went to B&N on Saturday to find a new book to read, picked up the book and sat there and contemplated leaving the store to go purchase the Kindle. Low and behold, I left with a new book in my hand. So my question is for you, friends: Do you own a Kindle and if so, is it worth the purchase?


  1. Ahhhh everytime that commercial comes on and they are sitting on the beach, it makes me want one more and more, lol.

    I DL'ed the Kindle app into my iPhone for FREE:) So, that's what I use for now. I don't really read as much as I'd like to though. {time!} But, I say GO FOR IT:)

  2. My sister and mother have one and love it. I for one love the material book in my hands. Plus, I love passing them around to my friends, and you can't exactly do that with a Kindle...

    Also, with kids and dogs in the house, I'm better off letting something get spilled on a book, and still being able to read it...with a Kindle, not so much. :)