Friday, July 23, 2010

Great Gifts for the College Grad!

If you had a graduation party, what did you receive?
Probably money, right?
Don't get me wrong, I will always love to add a little something to my piggy bank, but as tables have turned and I have been the gift giver, I like to give somethign that not everyone else will give.
What are some of my favorites?
Hand Painted College Mirror
One of my very favorite gifts from hubby. No it was not a graduation gift, but I think it would be the perfect college gradation gift for male or female. It is a painting on the mirror of a famous building at the college or university. Add a final touch with the graduate's name and year they graduated. Our local jeweler, Smyth Jewelers, sells these, but I'm sure you could find them in many places in your home town also.
Here is my actual mirror. It is the picture of Ayres Hall on top of the hill at University of Tennessee. Oh does that bring back memories of trugging up that hill for Organic Chemistry class! So glad that is over and done with, however, I would go back to college any four years ever! And now I get to remember UT everday with this mirror. Hubby also has one for Clemson University that looks nice when you first walk into the house.

So, if you are looking for something a little less expensive, here is another idea:

For the guys guy who just graduated...
Microbrew Glass:
A beer glass with their school logo!
How about wrap up two of these with a case of beer?
What new grad wouldn't love that?!
(I picked Washington College to display here, as we are going to my cousin's graduation party who just graduated from WAC and this is what I ordered him! However, the school store just emailed me and said they are now out of stock! Here's to the hunt a day before the party again...)

And for the girls:

Wine Glasses:
Wine glass with the school's logo.
I bought these glasses as I was headed out of Knoxville for Baltimore after graduation.
I get so many compliments on them and it reminds me of the some of the best days of my life!
Again, pair with a bottle of wine or wine tags.
Trust me, these grads are going to be on their own soon, and I'm pretty sure not many will have nice glasses!

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