Monday, July 5, 2010

Monogram Monday: Newlywed Linens!

Like I've said before, What bride-to-be doesn't love monogramming everything?! Well, I was one of them! Here are some of my very favorites!

1. (On the Left) Monogrammed linen hand towel. LOVE these! How cute is it with little polka dots at the bottom? All you have to do is tie a beautiful ribbon around and its a wonderful engagement gift or you could pair it with something such as monogrammed soaps for a bridal shower gift!
2. (On the Right) Personalized Wedding Day Hand Towel: My mom gave this to us at one of our wedding parties. I still have it hanging in our bathroom...that's how much I love it! What bride wouldn't love to have this? It's an embroidered bride and groom with the names of the individuals and their wedding date at the bottom. We had this hanging in the bathroom at my parent's house while we were getting ready the day of the wedding and we had so many compliments on it!

3. Bed linens: I love these pillow shams and duvet covers from Pottery Barn. So many styles to choose from to match the personality of the couple!

4. Bed sheets: SIL bought us a set of monogrammed sheets that we cannot wait to use! (Again, everything is being stored at MILs house until we decide to move one day.) She gave us beautiful white sheets monogrammed in navy. Hubby loved that they weren't too girly, and I loved the fact that they were monogrammed and will go perfectly in our blue, yellow, and white room one day! (Have I mentioned I cannot wait to buy a house to decorate and entertain?!)

5. Bath towels: One of MILs wonderful friends gave us a set of monogrammed bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths that are adorable! We cannot wait to use them! Best part - they are in a beautiful orange color- GO TENNESSEE VOLS! GO CLEMSON TIGERS!
6. Napkins: How cute are these cocktail napkins? Perfect for a summery night on the deck for cocktails! You can also find beautiful linen dinner napkins at Williams Sonoma and have them monogrammed for an elegant evening in the dining room!
Hope you can use some of these ideas for bridal showers, house warming gifts, or personalized birthday gifts!

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  1. I love all of these monogrammed things! There is just something about having simple decor, with that extra pop that makes it even more personal. Funny how I adore cute towels! And napkins. And sheets. :)