Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the Agenda

As you know, I'm an organization nut! I love everything to be color coordinated and in its place. So, do you think I love agendas? Sure do!
I make a "To Do List" every week; one for the week and one for each day. I love to cross things off; its a sense of accomplishment, I guess.
My planner is always color coordinated and tentative plans are always in pencil; They do not become color coordinated until plans are definite.
OK, so now that you have read about my slight OCD, what are my favorite items for keeping me on track each day?
I just might have to get this. It is a 17 month agenda! Love that, plus the fact that it has stickers, dates to remember, and a notes section. But a must for me, which this Lilly agenda has, both weekly and monthly views! Perfect for me to see what I have on the agenda for the day, but also great for my "to do lists."
This planner not only has room for your plans for Monday through Sunday, but also a Someday. Perfect for the tasks that you need to get done but don't know where you will fit them in!
Check out the site for tons more organization tips and items!
3. myAgenda Original Planner: my favorite!
Again, has my requirement of weekly and monthly views and is a 17 month planner. This planner comes in such wonderful colors and is stain resistant! Not if that's not enough, but this planner can also be personalized!
*Newlywed Note: Make sure to have your agenda handy, girls. If your hubby is like mine, he's going to have a hard time remembering his buddies birthdays, and special dates, when what's really on his mind is his next tee time. Be a great wife and keep all important dates on hand for yourself and your love*


  1. Love the Lilly agenda! I may have to get that soon! :) The first month starts in August!

  2. I thought I would go for the Lilly, but I love the myAgenda! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I bought the Lilly agenda and I love it! (BTW if you get the pocket agenda it doens't have stickers.) I really do like the 8 Days a Week Planner though. The "Someday" section would be really nice for space!

  4. I got that same Lilly print agenda......LOVE!!!
    hmmm never seen the myAgenda...I better not look at it, lol!