Monday, July 19, 2010

Monogram Monday: Burp Cloths

My sweet, preppy friend in Tennessee is having a baby girl!!! I'm so excited for her, but so sad that I was unable to attend her baby shower. I wanted to send her something personalized or monogrammed since my friend is very preppy, and I thought her daughter should have something to fit her mother's style. I was searching on Etsy and found a wonderful gal to make these precious burp cloths. Since my friend had not yet picked a middle name, I was not able to do a monogram, but I thought this personalization was just as great!

In addition to these cute little burp cloths, I wanted to add something else to the gift, but wanted something that she could really use for a while. I asked fellow blogger, Sweet Southern Prep, if she had any recomendations and she gave me some great ideas! I decided to go with the Inchbug Orbit Labels.

These are a great invention for all moms (and dads) out there and were actually invented by a mom! Inchbugs are basically labels for bottles, snack containers, toiletries, whatever! They are reusable, non-adhesive, and best part...personalized! They are dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don't have to worry. Gone are the days of permanent markers and sticky labels.
Not only are these great for baby bottles (so you don't confuse them with all the other baby bottles around at the playground), but they are also great for snack containers, sports drinks (who remembers what bottle is theirs on the bleachers?), and can even be nice to put around toiletries for kids going off to camp or college.
*Newlywed Note: Don't leave these burp cloths out before wrapping them; hubby might think you are trying to tell him something and start sweating profusely!*

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  1. Love, it's amazing the new things they come out with over the years! LOVE the inchbugs!!!