Monday, December 12, 2011

Monogram Monday: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

After seeing a couple monograms like this on Pintrest (yes, I'm officially addicted), I decided to try one out myself.  

What you'll need
A big letter cutout (I found mine at Michael's)
many, many, many berries 
(I could only find the ones on the branch and had to cut them off…I officially have carpal tunnel now thanks to this project ;)  )
lots and lots of hot glue sticks
hot glue gun

Just glue those babies on next to each other closely.  It's a very tedious project, but a great one for while you're watching Christmas movies and having a glass of wine :)  

I love the finished product, and I figure, if I get married again, I'll hand the lovely "D" over to my sister who has the same initial for both maiden and married names- how lucky is she?!



  1. AHHHHH. What Michael's did you find that letter at?!?! I was trying to score a big "P" for a moss letter project and I looked at two different Michael's and two different Joanne's. I had to settle on I think a twelve inch letter. Your "Do" looks awesome!

  2. i'm addicted too!!!! about to cook an entire pinterest dinner.....wish me luck!!!! xxoo

  3. Sooooooooo cute! You are way more patient than I am, that's for sure!