Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Decor

I had so much fun decorating for the holiday season this year.  Above is the big "D" I made for above the fireplace.  A very tedious craft, but I love the final product and have gotten so many compliments on it.

Our Christmas tree came together quite well, but my favorite part about decorating it is looking at all the ornaments from the past and also hanging some new special ones from friends and family.

I absolutely love receiving photo cards from our friends and family, and what a great way to display…I will definitely be doing this again next year!

This Peppermint Wreath was another tedious project that paid off.  However, I'm pretty sure the guy at Rite Aid thinks I must have some horrible breath with the way I was buying bag and bags of mints every day!
(there were some delicious meatball in that crockpot earlier!)

Here is the Ornament Wreath I made to add a pop of festivity to the dining room.  It added such a nice touch and wasn't nearly as heavy as the Peppermint Wreath!

Up close and personal ;)

One of my favorite decorations was this little dish I found at a local store and just added some mini ornaments in it for a beautiful display on the coffee table.  I found the little topiary and added a festive bow to pull in the silver and gold in the living room and dining room. And how can you not have some red and green kisses out for the holidays?!  

Found these two little wreaths at a local store, The Kellogg Company, and I think they added a nice elegant touch to the secretary.

Of course, you know I must have some sweet treats around the house.  I just made the chocolate covered pretzels and rolled them in all sorts of festive toppings.  Filled the vase up with some festive M&Ms and popped the pretzels in there.  Only problem was, people thought they were too cute to eat!

And more chocolate covered pretzels to place around the house to snack on.

Mmmm….peanut M&Ms! 

Just some little festive treats on the server to pick up.  The perfect combination of salty and sweet!

Christmas without cake balls?  I don't think so!  The red ones are regular yellow cake, and the white covered ones are red velvet cake….just for my sissy!

Oreo truffles with a touch of peppermint on top for some added color. 
(Sorry about the clarity…apparently I may have been detoxing from all the wine and egg nog!) ;)

Homemade baked goodies made with love by myself and my mama!  We love to bake!!

Perfect little Christmas appetizer…and healthy too!
(Anyone else already ready to start eating fruits and veggies again yet?!)

Homemade Peppermint Bark that was apparently a bigger hit than I thought!

Is it really Christmas season without homemade Chex Mix?  

And now I'm exhausted!  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



  1. The decorations are beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  2. I am officially a horrible, awful, very bad friend for just not pulling up your blog and looking at the past week's posts. I set a few posts to go off on my blog, but have not sat down to look at any others. Love everything! Ornament wreath is soooo cute!! Your party pics are too fun!! And I love all of your house decor!! Have a wonderful NYE, darling!! XOXO