Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Wellness: Workout Gear!

Well, let's face it, I've been slacking off on working out again. But I'm baaack! And I wanted to share my favorite summer workout clothes with you.

I am in love with underarmor t-shirts! They are so lighweight and are the perfect length (for my very short torso). I have it in many colors, but I think I will need to give some to the goodwill and get some new ones soon, as I wear these babies out!
Nike shorts are just wonderful! I also have these in probably every color they make! They are also very lightweight and very comfy!
And as we all know, my love for Asics!!! I'm on the hunt for either a green or an orange pair soon!
I always put my sunscreen on before heading out for a morning jog ~ trying my best to avoid having old wrinkly skin at an early age after all my tanning mishaps in the past!

I also love love love Targets Champion racerback sports bras. I wear them all the time! And their $1 socks! I love how thin they are and how low they come on the ankle.
Now, what's your favorite workout gear?!

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  1. I'm short-waisted, too. I'll have to try those t-shirts.