Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Southern Weekend Away!

What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend I had! I was lucky enough to spend it with my adorable cousin in South Carolina! She was the absolute best hostess ever! It was such a wonderful trip, I never wanted to leave!

My cousin lives in Columbia, SC where she went to college and what a cute little town that is! We were able to shop in all the little boutiques, have a nice lunch at The Gourmet Shop, and spend some quality time. Then, she took me to Cupcake, where we got these delicious treats! The store was so cute!
Later, that evening we went to dinner at Blue Marlin, where I had a delicious dinner of tilapia with green beans and a very southern side of grit cakes. Yumm!
The following day, after a nice morning walk with our Starbuck's coffee, we spent in Charleston, SC. What a BEAUTIFUL place! I wish I could live here!

The shops were all so cute and the scenery was to die for! To keep up our energy for some more shopping later, we stopped at Blossoms for lunch. What a cute little place that was! We were able to get a table outside in the beautiful, green courtyard.

We did a little more shopping and then my cousin introduced me to pralines...Mmmm! And in this cute little candy shop, we also got some Bear Claws for a sweet treat snack!

In between all of our shopping, we walked along the water...where my cousin and I decided we must have a boat one day!

We then took a break from shopping and stopped at a roof top bar that overlooked the city. Sipping on a mojito, looking over at all the beautiful buildings, shops, and houses, and calm water was just the perfect ending to our visit to Charleston!
Later that evening we went to dinner at a fun little place outside, Flying Saucer. This place had more beers than you could ever imagine, and even had their own menu, front and back, of just beer!

And our last day (tear!) we went for a nice walk along USC's campus where my cousin took me to "Greek Village." I am used to only having "Frat Row" at University of Tennessee, where we were not allowed to have sorority houses, so this was so exciting! And here is the beautiful Tri Delta house! The detail was amazing!

We then went to lunch at a cute little restaurant that is inside of an old train station, however, for the life of me, I cannot remember the name at this time. I will have to get back to you with that. It was so cute and the salads are huge and very tasty! I think after this trip, I should have brough elastic pants to wear home!!
I wish I took some more pictures, as these don't even begin to justify the wonderful weekend I had in South Carolina! We will have to make this an annual trip as I already miss them dearly!

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