Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Savoring Summer

I love fall and I'm so ready to put on my jeans with my boots and get rid of this humidity, but I also love summer and will miss all the yummy foods.  So, while I can, I'm savoring all those tasty bites!

The other night this was my dinner…an all time favorite for me…

(and grilled scallops)

A mixture of chicken, beef (not for me), green pepper, red pepper, bell pepper, and onion. 

I will be so sad when my grill is cover in snow…so I'll be using it as much as possible in the next couple months!  Send me any of your favorite recipes!



  1. Yummy!
    Hello my sweet friend!
    I hope your having a great week-

  2. Kabobs are the best! I like throwing grilled chicken on there and you'll like this recipe since it includes old bay!

    - marinate chicken in apple cider vinegar, lots of old bay and a little olive oil overnight.
    - slap it on the grill and you have "crab chicken!"