Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

My New Years Resolutions
Goals for 2011

1.  Try to find the positive in everyone and everything.
2.  Stay in touch with friends and family better by returning phone calls more promptly and call each more regularly. 
3.  Stay on top of all my bills throughout the year….while still saving.
4.  Try to be more laid back and "go with the flow."
5.  Get out more often and walk Baxter; meet new neighbors.
6.  Make the most of each and every day.  
7.  Exercise more often…even if its freezing outside! (This will be very hard, but I also know it will be very rewarding too!)
8.  Eat healthier…no more chocolate and cookie dough for meals.
9.  Cross off a couple things on my "Bucket List."
-Go skydiving
-Learn to needlepoint
-Take golf or tennis lessons
10.  Do something for the community:
-Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters
-Adopt a child/family for Christmas
11.  Don't procrastinate!
12.  Organize all important papers and documents in a new file cabinet!




    I am with ya on #2...I am so bad...right now my VM is filled up:) And I will probably keep it that way, why, I can't tell ya! I never check it!!
    (I know that is so bad, bad bad bad!)

    Starting playing tennis and come stay with me & we can play:)


  2. Dear Sweets & Treats~

    I just found your blog today and read it all the way back to the beginnin'. You have had quite a year of 2010! You are such a darlin' spunky gal! I would love to continue to follow your blog and hope to do so. Your recipes and posts are just fabulous! And I can tell that pink and green runs deeply in your veins as it does mine!

    Happy Happy New Year to YOU!
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. Skydiving is on my bucket list too!!!! I had fun with you tonight! xoxo

  4. I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award because I think you are stylish and fabulous!!

    Check it out:

  5. I'm with you on most everything on this list...especially 4,6,7,8 and 10!!

    I had proposed volunteering to the group of five of my girlfriends I do dinner with once a month. I thought it would be something nice to do around the holidays instead of spending money at a restaurant. Kids are my weakness so I knew it had to involve them. I picked the Children's House as Hopkins. You love to cook, so this would be perfect for you!! You prepare them dinner/dessert, set up, sit with them , talk with them and eat. We did our meal on Thursday night and it was truly one of the best volunteering experiences I have had in a while. So much more personal than some of the other places I have volunteered. We met a bunch of great kids who have siblings staying at Hopkins and the parents were so grateful. Put a lot of things in perspective when you see these parents who have sick kids staying next door. I am signing us up for another date today!


  6. Oh my gosh, I want to sign up to do that at the Children's House! What a great idea…definately looking into that! Thanks!!! XO