Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get Well Soon!

Okay, I have to be honest with you all.  When you bring all these flowers and balloons into the hospital for your friends and loved ones, it just creates a smaller space for the patient and more clutter to pack up and bring home.  Yes, the gesture was sweet, but lets take a look at some other options.

Also, many times when a patient is in the hospital, they are NPO, or in other words, cannot take anything by mouth.  So, now what do you do?  There goes the ideas of any treats to bring!

Hear are some great ideas that you could bring to show you are thinking of the patient.

1.  Magazines, books, puzzle books to help pass time.

2.  Stationary, including a plain pad of paper, pens to take notes when doctors or nurses come to provide important information.

3.  DVDs (find out if the hospital has one in the patient's room or you could always bring a portable one, or a laptop to watch it on).

4.  Hand-craft items (knitting, embroidery, cross stitch)

5.  Slippers (come on, those hospital socks are terrible looking and you do NOT want to put your bare foot on that floor!)

6.  Pajamas:  a great way to say "Get Well," is through Pajamagrams.  This company sends the PJs in a cute little organza hatbox with a personalized gift card and bath confetti.  Now, as cute and adorable and cozy as these are, don't go overboard…I've known a family who used to have their son and daughter who were in their late 30's wear matching ones on Christmas morning.  I swear!

7.  Robe (who wants to walk the halls in the hospital with their backside hanging out of that awful looking hospital gown?!) Trust me, the patient will appreciate this!

8.  Cozy blanket.  The hospitals blankets are used over and over again and tend to be stiff and thin.  Let your friend feel comfy in bed with an extra nice blanket, like the ones from Barefoot Dreams.  And to go along with that thought, how about a...

9.  Pillow (I know this sounds silly, but hospital pillows tend to be flat and plastic.  It's hard enough to sleep in there as it is!  If you do this, make sure you put a bright or colorful pillowcase on it so it does not get lost with the hospital laundry)

10.  Toiletries:  If you know anything about hospitals, it's that they are on a budget.  It's always about the budget!  So, that lotion they give you, is going to be mostly water based and not very nice smelling.  That razor is going to leave you with a terrible razor burn, etc.  Get a little gift basket and fill it up with necessities to make the patient feel better and tie together with a ribbon!

I never wish anyone a trip to the hospital, but hopefully, some of these things can brighten their stay!


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  1. Those are great ideas!! Ya know, I think I saw something about the PJ's recently. Very cool idea.

    I hope your having a great day friend!!

    Mucho Love to ya!