Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Christmas Ornament

My latest creation…A Christmas Ornament made from Wedding Invitation. 
What a great gift to give to a newlywed couple!  

One I made for my friend, Leslie, and her hubby.  

Hard to see in this picture, but this is my sister's "creamsicle" colored invitation with matching bow.

Here is one in black and white, which look very elegant for those formal invitations.

And two of my latest…
A rustic invitation.  I tried to tie burlap on this one, but it kept fraying :(
But I think the charcoal ribbon looked pretty nice too.

And my newest favorite (because I love green and navy)...



  1. What a great idea! Too bad I haven't kept several invitations! :( I'll put this one in my back pocket! I'm new here...