Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vacation Time

Sorry for being a little MIA recently.  I have been on "vacation," and I think I spent it the best way I could ask for…

I ate out…a lot!  Started out Tuesday night after work and met a friend I hadn't seen in what seemed ages, at Chazz:  A Bronx Original.  It was so good!  Of course, the first thing on our nurse practitioner minds was…WINE!  We didn't want to hear the specials or anything until we could turn off our phones and sip on some delicious wine and relax!  We split the Arugula Salad and Americano pizza…I know, we went far out, huh?  It was DELISH!!!  I can't wait to go back and try some more!

I recently also got to go out to Annabelle Lee's Tavern, Woodberry Kitchen (twice!), see "Second City Does Baltimore" for the second year in a row,  and Crepe de Jour to experience my first ever crepe!  Yum!  And of course, I sipped on an orange crush or two at Mamas on the Halfshell to get ready for my Big Orange weekend! 

We went over my friend Leslie's for dinner club Thursday evening and saw all the growing bellies in the house!  Of course, a couple of us got to enjoy some Skinny Girl Margaritas for the others!  Leslie made some awesome chili, cornbread and a beautiful salad…I wish I took pictures!  It was the perfect night for it, as it was damp and cold.  

Then, I took a flight down to Nashville, Tennessee for one of my best friends 30th birthday!  

Look at the little angel who picked me up from BNA and slept on the way up to Knoxville.

I was able to spend time with Jessica, Reed, Caroline, and Jessica's family who I haven't been able to see in years.  It felt like home all over again!  We also were able to see a bunch of college friends and visit with their newest additions…there are going to be quite a few beautiful Tri-Delts at UT in the coming years!!!  We had a fun, relaxing night in Knoxville and geared up for game day in the morning.

Look and Caroline and Jake ready to head to "Rocky Top!"

The new stadium looks awesome!!!

Possibly my favorite family EVER!  

Reed and Jamie did an awesome job on the shrimp boil!!  

Started out sunny and warm, tailgating along the river...
…but when the sun went in, I changed into a sweater…and then added a fleece jacket I bought at the gift shop (I mean really, how can you go to a game and not purchase more UT paraphernalia??  Then on with the gloves, socks, boots, etc!  Thank God Dustin had the adult beverage ready at the game and Petro's to go with it!

My favorite letter in the alphabet!

Breaking through the "T"

Happy 30th, Jessica!  
 I miss my southern friends already!

We then, traveled back to Nashville on Sunday and did some shopping and sipping on some wine with great conversation.  I miss those days, and it was nice to be able to jump back into conversation like time never lapsed between us.  Sunday night we had dinner and wine with many familiar TN faces.  

It was possibly the best vacation a girl could ask for.  I mean, really…great food, great wine, a little bit of travel, and best of all, I was able to hang out with friends near and far.  

I feel like a truly blessed girl!  
Rocky Top, you'll always be, Home Sweet Home to me!  


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  1. GReat pictures! I love your orange and white striped scarf -- where is it from?