Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Treats: Bridal Shower Goodies

Wedding Season is Rockin' & Rollin'!

This past weekend we had a family shower for my sister.  It was so nice to get the girls on both sides of the family together.
Me with the Guest of Honor

With our beautiful Mom

And our awesome Granny!

Bride with her future MIL and Mom

Bride with future GMIL, MIL, Mom, and Granny

Bride and I with one of our very favorite "cousins"

Girl cousins on my mom's side
How funny is this?!  One of the girls gave Lindsey a Kate Middleton face!

 Now for the treats!
Cupcakes made by my cousin, Kelly

How adorable are they?!

And the GORGEOUS cake my Aunt Karen made!  She is so crafty and beautiful, both on the inside and out!

And you KNOW this was my favorite…mini bottles of wine for favors!!!


  1. What a fun shower! P.S. Love you sister's Lilly skirt! :)

  2. That is a genius idea for the mini bottles of wine!

  3. I have enjoyed seeing all the festivities for your sisters up coming wedding...how fun! I laughed out loud with I saw the Kate face...I need one of those, lol. Love the blue dress Lauren - you look fabulous =)

  4. Beautiful post! I am also planning a bridal shower for my sister as she is getting married next month in one of the wedding venues Los Angeles. I got some nice ideas from this post for her bridal shower. It was lovely going through this post. Congratulations to the bride!