Thursday, June 30, 2011

Emily's Girls

I'm obsessed with this print to say the very least!
I love printings like this and what is even better about this one is it is inspired by one of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin!

Inslee Haynes is a super talented artist who makes gorgeous stationary, invitations, prints and calendars out of her beautiful drawings.  

Take a look at one of my other favorites!
I think that could be me sitting there with my Emily Giffin books on the beach!
I really think I must find a place for these prints in my house, what do you think?

Go visit her website to check out her beautiful work yourself!



  1. I'm seriously thinking I haven't been on here in a week. Very bad friend. Of course I've already looked through all your shower pics on FB! Super cute! I really like these prints. I would love to have one. I have a zillion boxes all over the place. I promise to text or email soon. XOXOXOXOOX

  2. Someone else recently blogged about her and I'm loving them! How cool would it be to one of her "models!?"