Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Treats: Chocolate Pretzels

Because I was doing this all weekend...
Painting two bathrooms with the help of my mom!
I did not get to bake!  But I thought I would share something I made a while back with you. 
My cousin got married in October (told you it was a while back!) and we had a bridal shower for her and I was in charge of the favors.  To me, the best favors are edible ones.  I decided to make these for the shower...

Easy peasy!  Just wrapped two pretzel rods up in a cellophane bag, tied a ribbon around then and Viola! Her colors were "wine" and green, so I tried my best to get a wine color.  
YUM…who doesn't love chocolate covered pretzels?!



  1. Eeek, I just read your addition to the post yesterday. That is why I adore you!! Though I have never made chocolate dipped pretzels, they are a great treat to make! My uncle usually makes them at Christmas-he does catering in Vero Beach, FL. I've always wanted to go and help him sometime, just never have had the chance. I didn't know you painted all weekend! What colors did you paint? You have to show what you have done.

  2. Wine...... did someone say wine:)

    Those look good friend!

    I can't wait to see the rooms you painted. I need to do a home tour on painted rooms cause when I took off a few weeks ago, I was a painting FOOL:)

    Have a great day sweetie,

    ps- I am sitting here drinking my BLACK coffee, blah...
    saving those calories for the w i n e

  3. They look so good! It was the perfect favor.