Thursday, March 24, 2011

My ABC's

I wish I could remember who did this post recently, but I decided, like her, that I have many new followers and thought it would be fun for you all to learn a little bit about this blogger.  
So here you go, my ABC's….
  • Age: 29…the big 3-0 is approaching a little too quickly!

  • Bed size: Queen, with lots of pillows, down comforter, down blanket (yes, I'm always cold) and featherbed…it's like heaven!

  • Chore you hate: Washing floors/baseboards

  • Dogs: My little Baxter!  I LOVE him and just can't get enough of him!

  • Essential start to your day: COFFEE…and fruit.  I cannot skip breakfast…EVER.  I wake up starving.

  • Favorite color: I tend to gravitate towards blue, at least when decorating

  • Gold or silver: Hmmm…I think I would have to say I'm 50-50 there.  Depends what I'm wearing, or what room I'm decorating.

  • Height:  5' 2" AND A HALF.

  • Instruments that you can play: Zip, Zilch, Nada

  • Job title: Adult Nurse Practitioner

  • Kids: Unfortunately, none.  But this time, I'll be sure to find a guy who wants kids as much as I do!  

  • Live: Baltimore, Maryland, home of steamed crabs…Mmmm!

  • Mom’s name: Kam (her nickname, as it was her maiden name initials)

  • Nicknames: oh gosh, too many to list! 

  • Overnight hospital stays: Thankfully, none.  Unless you count staying over to work because of snow storms :(

  • Pet peeve: People smoking at the park where people are trying to run/exercise and now have to hold their breath or breathe in smoke when running by.  Or overweight people who talk about their weight nonstop and try every diet known to man, except of course, good old fashioned diet and exercise.  

  • Quote from a movie: "No Fronk, tell Honk, I want the chipper chicken!"  (Father of the Bride) 

  • Righty or lefty: Righty.

  • Sibling: One younger sister who is getting MARRIED in just FOUR months! So, then I'll technically have a Brother (in-law, that is)

  • Time you wake up:  7 or 8:00, depending on how long Baxter will cuddle.

  • Underwear: I'm not sure what this is asking exactly….but depends what I'm wearing as to what I pick.

  • Vegetables you dislike: Avocados, Eggplant, Olives, Artichokes, Beets. Otherwise, I love pretty much every other veggie there is! 

  • What makes you run late: oh boy…pretty much anything.  I'm always late.  I dont mean to be, I just get caught up doing…anything!  But usually I'm saying this, "I have nothing to wear."  It seems if I have something picked out, I'm never too late.

  • I think if I had this I might be on time :)

  • X-rays: Besides dental, I think the only xrays I've had were on my ankle/foot when they diagnosed me with a stress fracture on my foot, put me in a boot, gave me crutches and a note to be exempt from work for 10 days (this is when I was floor nursing and it was the time between Christmas and New Years…so I got off all the holidays!  It was nice, I have to say!)

  • Yummy food you make: I'd have to say, look at my Tuesday posts each week.  I can bake, but I'm not the worlds best cook by any means!

  • Zoo favorite animal: Brown bears and all the sea life

  • There you go!  Just a little bit of me.  Hope you had fun reading!
    Happy (almost) Friday!


    1. Good Morning Pretty Girl!

      (I can say girl cause now I know how OLD I am compared to you, HA)

      I need a closet like that!! Mercy.

      I LOL at the 5" 2 1/2 comment. I am 4"11 and I like to say 5"0 :)

      Happy Thursday!!

    2. Thanks for the follow, Laur. Happy to follow you right back. Your blog is absolutely precious (I think your dog is precious, too!).

      I noticed how much we have in common - your pet peeve and need for a comfy bed, to name a few.

      I just read the recipe you posted below. I have everything in the house and will be making this as soon as I'm done typing this comment.

      Okay, off to cook!

      Have a lovely day.

    3. Lauren,

      Your Pet Peeves cracked me up. So true!!


    4. fun! we have a lot in common! and i'm short too (5'3) so if i can wear tunics, so can you! they're especially good as a bathingsuit cover-up or with jeans and wedges!

    5. This is such a fun post! Love that I learned a thing or two I didn't know about you. The quote just might be my favorite. You are killing me with the veggies-no avocados, olives or artichokes!?!?

      OMGoodness I had such a nice time shopping yesterday! You are going to laugh at me, but I went to Target and completely forgot the fruit bowl! Thought about it driving threre, and later in my head I told myself I was forgetting something, and didn't realize what it was until after I was home. Crazy, I know.

      TJMAxx had a fab selection of shoes, got two pairs of Charles by Charles David, two shirts from and one from Target (which sadly didn't have ANY of the fun things I posted about). Tons of baby stuff for my cousin and his wife who are having a shower this weekend. And other stuff...I'm dragging on. Have a great day!


    6. Loved your post today Lauren. I am also in love with my bed and not ashamed to admit that there is currently 8 pillows on it =) Lol! Have a fabulous day!!

    7. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! Your pup is adorable. Father of the Bride is one of my favorite movies and I love to say the Chipper Chicken please.
      It is so nice to have new followers! Thanks again.


    8. I'm 5'2 and A HALF too! I even had it put on my driver's license like that....despite the fact that I'm probably really 5'1''!