Saturday, August 27, 2011


During all this hurricane stuff, I opened my Southern Living magazine to read some of the best literature in a long time!

The article, The South's Best College Towns, listed Knoxville, Tennessee as one of the top towns.  It's no guessing why here.  As the writer stated 
"It's a serious football town (even the city's area code spells V-O-L) with a laid-back mountain vibe thanks to its proximity to the Smokies and roster of outdoor weekend events." 

I can't wait to make it down for a game this fall.  If you have the opportunity, go, I promise you won't regret it.  There's something about SEC football and in Knoxville you also get to see hundreds of boats float the Tennessee River on game days, something I just love!    

Southern Living also had another article, Only in the South, in this issue.  It was all about SEC football.  How the animal mascots are as much a part of the family as the marching band, the bitter rivals mend fences in trying times (true southern hospitality down there), how great the halftime shows are, how tailgating is a military exercise (Bama's RV army, Tennessee Volunteer Navy), and the best part…it's where "single guys flock to football games in search of a wife."  The writer states "In addition to being exceedingly good-looking, the Southern female football fancier knows how to dress, how to drink, and how Coach is going to adjust for the second half.  That's the kind of girl you take home to Mama."

Some of my favorite Southern Girls, while we visit in NYC

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  1. Love it, great minds do think alike! I like your dress in the pic. And your pizza from today looks yummy. Nothing beats a good homemade pizza! XO