Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Beergarita

Can you believe there is technically only one weekend left of the summer?  Are we all going to have to pack up our white jeans, shorts, and shoes soon?

I didn't want to let summer slip by, even if Hurricane Isaac stood in the way.  A friend had recently moved into town from the West coast of Orange County (yes, the land of Real Housewives and botox!) and I was determined to show a good time…even if the weather did not want to cooperate.

Saturday we headed out to Zen West, in Belvedere Square and indulged in a "little" cocktail.  Have you all had the chance to try out a "Beergarita" this summer?  It basically consists of a couple beers dipped in a frozen margarita.  I have had the chance to try this out at the beach and at this restaurant…by far, this is my favorite.  That may also be because of the many looks and comments we receive as people walk by our table outside.

If you get a chance, stop by Zen West in Towson to try out this tasty beverage.


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  1. Love Zen West but I have yet to try the Beergarita. I may need to drink one to drown my sorrows now that summer is ending.