Monday, August 20, 2012

Onward and Upward!

Today is a special day for this couple.  They will be turning the keys on their house they built in Phoenix, Maryland, for the last time.  My mom and dad built their house together 25 years ago and it has been nothing but the best.  Full of memories, this house will always have a special place in our hearts.  

The first night we stayed there the fire alarm went off and Lindsey and I cried.  I said, "I want to go home," and to my disappointment, my mom said, "this is our new home."  The next morning my mom tried to put me on the school bus with Ms. Bonnie, the bus driver, while I was crying my eyes out.  I was so upset with my mom and dad.  Little did I know, how much I would grow to love our home in Phoenix.  We had our First Communion parties there complete with horse rides in the front lawn; the best neighbors any kid could ask for with tons of games of flashlight tag, kick the can, and bike rides galore; birthday parties, graduation parties, wedding festivities, dinner parties, Christmas parties, holiday gatherings.  Don't get me wrong…it wasn't always glorious.  My dad ran over the tricycle and the skateboard, my sister's head got smacked against one too many walls which required many sutures over the years, the rain took upon our graduation parties, Christmas trees fell over (or didn't fit in the door when we got home), Mom's fingers (and my long hair) were caught in the beaters of the Kitchen Aid mixer during cookie baking times, we were sent to our rooms numerous times, all while running up the stairs, covering our behinds in fear of a spanking!  But, Lindsey and I always could slip notes under the bedroom doors to each other to say we were sorry and would find a way to get games started even when our parents took away everything.  Forts were built in the living room and basement, we always had a homemade dessert that Mom would bake, and always had a big backyard that Dad would throw us pitches and pop flies to work on our softball game!  We may never have had the in ground pool we begged mom and dad for, but we had a trampoline….and best of yet, memories we will hold forever.  

Congrats, Mom and Dad, on your new house today!  Once again, they did an amazing job building a new home and we can't wait to start building our memories there!  



  1. YAY for new beginnings!!! Your Mom is cute as a button!

  2. My parents just moved from our childhood home two weeks ago and it was really hard for us as kids at first. They are getting settled in their new place and its starting to feel more like home for them too. New beginnings are a little scary, but exciting too!

  3. That is wonderful. I am an Air Force brat so I never had just one home but I feel the same about my grandparents houses. It will be hard to not go there when they are gone

  4. This gave me chill bumps and brought tears to my eyes. So many memories you have in this house. Where are they moving and what are they doing?