Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't Say It's So!

Is summer really almost over?!  I love the thought that fall is right around the corner, but I'm so sad to see summer go.  We had a wonderful week at the beach a couple weeks ago.  We were lucky enough to see sunrises on the beach…

…and sunsets on the bay.

One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh fruits and veggies.  And we took full advantage of that at the beach.  One night we made crab cakes to have with some delicious corn and salad.

We were able to visit our neighbors new house on the bay.  It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!  I could sit here all day and just look out on to the water.

Bax loved it just as much, as he could see everything going on through the railings and was right in the action!

The boys did some paddle boarding; I did not try this yet…maybe in the next couple weeks... 

Boat rides are always one of our favorites!

 How gorgeous is their deck?  Complete with tiki torches and the American Flag.  

 After a day of fun, we were ready for an adult beverage.  Yes, we keep in classy…have you had a Fatty Natty?!

 Crabs on the deck with another beautiful sunset over the bay.

Bax was not as much of a fan of the hammock as I was...

 Couldn't come home without some Fisher's popcorn for the nurses!

 Of course a week at the beach is great, but we also had tons of fun at home.  
I was able to see my friend, Cody, from Nashville who I haven't seen in ages.  It was so great to catch up with him, even if it was only for a quick visit!

 These little munchkins have made summer even more fun!  How cute are they all?!  

 After I see them, I always need a glass of wine to contemplate how my girlfriends do it!  

 And of course, I'm trying to soak in every last bit of time at the pool that my schedule will allow!

 I had to throw in this picture of my mom and her twin.  They just look too cute!  This was at my aunt and uncles anniversary party…35 years!

 And we welcomed another baby to the world.  This sweet little boy, Fisher, is already quite the Vol fan!  Congrats, Jessica, Reed, and Caroline!

I am hoping to get in a couple more views of this beach in the next couple weeks...

 …but for now, it's back to the grind…but I honestly don't mind this view during work either!

Hope you all are having a great time soaking up the last bit of summer!



  1. Love it all! Especially, the fat natty light.. what the heck?! LOL!

  2. Gahhh, I want to eat some of the yummy crabs that you always get to eat--not fair! I love summer veggies, too. I feel like I always eat better in the summer. Such fun pictures of what's been going on. XOXOXO