Saturday, July 7, 2012

Looking for Lauren?

WOW, times flies in the summer!  
Recently, my laptop has been getting worked on and, being a little tech-challenged, I could not figure out how to blog from my phone.  However, I'm not sure I would have had much time to blog as we have been super busy around here!
But my laptop is back and life (I think) will be a little bit more calm in the next couple weeks.

In June, my cousin, Katie got married.  My sister and I did not mean to dress alike, but it made for a couple fun pics!

 Just look at the beautiful bride, her handsome hubby, and gorgeous boutique!

 This centerpiece at the cocktail hour was by far my favorite arrangement I had ever seen!  The picture does not even do it justice, it was amazing!

Lindsey and I loved it so much, we wanted to get a picture by it!

 And here was one of the many beautiful arrangements on the tables. Breathtakingly beautiful!

 It's been HOT-HOT-HOT around here, topping at 106 degrees!
Bax has been enjoying many Frosty Paws on the deck this summer.

And I have been keeping cool at the pool with these cuties!  They are getting some personalities now and I can't believe it's possible, but I love them more and more each time I see them!

We have attended a couple fundraisers at Hillendale Country Club and on the water at Nick's Fish House.

 Bax and I were able to spend time with a couple great Dad's on Father's Day this year!  My dad got his new bike a little early for his birthday, and we decided to try it out on his day!

 I think Mom and Bax were jealous of his new bike...

I joined a local country club and have been able to take full advantage of some adult beverages while soaking up the sun and relaxing poolside!

 In between all the fun, I have also been working hard.  I recently been traveling a couple times to Philly for work...

 but always come home to fun times!

 We headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a "couples" weekend away...

and cooked up a little Shrimp Boil for dinner….

 Enjoyed some "Beergaritas" at Dead Freddies at the beach...

 with great friends….

 And of course, what beach trip would be complete without a visit to Seacrets?!

 …and some 4th of July cocktails at Macky's?!

 I did head home for a quick day of work, but turned right around and headed to Stone Harbor, New Jersey to celebrate the Forth of July with amazing fireworks on the beach!

 We are finally home and ready to relax and catch up with you all!

Hope you all had as wonderful of a Forth of July as we did (and hopefully not as HOT!)!



  1. You have been busy this summer. But it looks like you have been having a ball

  2. Those flowers at her wedding are gorgeous!

    Love seeing your trip to OC! I grew up in Salisbury! One of the girls in the grade younger than me, her Dad owned Seacrets!