Monday, May 7, 2012

Monogram Monday: Jordann Jewelry

Have you heard of Jordann Jewelry?  
When we were down in Palm Beach, shopping in C. Orrico, we came across these cute necklaces.  I know I have written about the gold monogram necklace that my sister and brother-in-law gave me for Christmas (that I wear practically every other day), but this is so different and I haven't seen many out there.  Therefore, I could not resist and after debating all week I HAD to get one! It finally came in last week and I absolutely love it!  
Take a look:

The charm comes in two different sizes, and I opted to go with the smaller one.  

You can also get it in the shape above, but I stuck to the round disc.  According to the chart, the color I chose was "salmon."  It actually is a bit darker of an orange than is shown there as you can see so I can wear to a TN game too!  

See for yourself and check out all their fun creations at Jordann Jewelry


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  1. Oh my goodness.......guess ya know what the next link I click on will be:) These are awesome! Happy Monday Pretty Friend :)