Monday, February 28, 2011

Help is On the Way

I decided I need some of this...

Every week I say I'm going to wash the floors and deep clean the house, and I'd love to tell you my life is so exciting that things keep popping up and I just don't have time to do this.  But it's not only that, it's also the fact I just despise cleaning hardwood floors and dusting the blinds.  Yet, I LOVE a nice clean house.  Not that my house is messy by any means, I've actually been told by friends when I say I need to clean that my house is "immaculate" in their words.  But in order for me to keep from making unkept promises to myself, I've decided getting a little help is just what I need, especially with the spring months coming up when I like to be out and about!

That will also help me relax and enjoy planning some fun festivities for my friend and sister for their weddings!  I've had so much fun this weekend preparing for my sisters bridal shower.  It's not until June, but my mind is running wild with fun ideas!

And maybe I can get back to my love of baking….

And try to plan some getaways...

Do you have some help?  Am I just lazy?!
Who cares…time for more fun!


  1. I started reading your blog last year ( I wandered in from someone else's blog), and I must say you sound so hard-working and involved in things, that, if it is within your budget, I think some help would be an excellent idea!