Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fish Tacos

What girl wouldn't like a guy to bring her flowers and cook a healthy meal for her?

I was lucky enough to have that happen to me!  My California friend showed me a recipe of the west coast, which I will be sure to incorporate more often.

He baked tilapia in the oven with a rub covering on top.

 Sliced it up into bite size pieces...

…served with a bunch of toppings which included pico de gallo, lettuce, feta cheese, lime, and cilantro.

 To put it simply…it was DELICIOUS!




  1. You know that fish tacos are on the top of my favorites list. These sound so good. What kind of rub did he use? I've got to eat something for breakfast now...

  2. these fish tacos look so good! I am going to have to make them tonight! xo