Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Today I went for a run in the beautiful park by our house.
Ok, so the park in Baltimore City does not look like this, but I swear the sky was just as beautiful today and so were the trees. It was a fantastic way to start the morning!

Later today, I'm heading over to Nick's Fish House to sit outside and enjoy some fun drinks with some of the best coworkers! Nick's has such a fun atomosphere for this time of year and I just can't wait to enjoy it!

In honor of Earth Day, I will continue to drink tap water instead of bottled water and the new change I will plan to make is to get some reusable grocery bags next time I go to the store (I've been wanting to do this since I visited one of my very best friends in California...they have such cute bags there!).

Happy Earth Day! ENJOY your day!

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