Saturday, March 20, 2010

On the Road to Hana

OK, so I realized the last post was like a showcase of the hubby and I, so I will focus more on the scenery in Hana.
This is our view on the Road to Hana. The Road to Hana has over 670 turns, which can be quite nauseating at times! But the scenery is beautiful! And there are plenty of stops worth taking, for example, we found the BEST banana bread on earth at a little shop!
Ahhh...we arrived at Hotel Hana and these are the breathtakingly gorgeous cottages we stayed in! There was no air conditioning or televisions or anything. It was complete R&R!

The pool and hot tub overlooked the ocean

Lava rock hot tub overlooking the ocean, too! I'm telling you, no matter which way you looked, it was all so beautiful, you couldnt imagine it was real!

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