Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Weekend of Restaurants

This past weekend was crazy busy, but super fun!  It was the first weekend in a very long time that was home, in town, and NOT on call.  Ahhhhh!   Friday I headed to the spa for some much needed hair care and then for mani's with my friend Katie (and it was a darn good thing, as she got ENGAGED on Saturday in St Michaels!!!  So excited for she and Mike, truly an amazing couple!).
After mani's, I headed home to unwind with Bax a little and then we headed over to Kooper's North.  This is our go-to bar these days, as we find ourselves there at least once a week, I swear.  If you are familiar with Kooper's downtown, you know this is a hot spot up in the county now.  The food is great and we usually stick to burgers and beers but Friday night we weren't as hungry.  We opted to split the steamed shrimp and calamari.  Both excellent!  

Saturday, after moving my dining room furniture and a couple other pieces to my sister's house in Annapolis and spending time there, Bax and I headed home for some R&R.  While Bax slept the night away, I went with my aunt to check out the new Mt. Washington Tavern.  It had burned down and they completely redid it. 
It looked fantastic!  We had gotten there, and we had reservations for 7pm, but apparently, no one wrote it in the book.  Even so, the staff found us a seat in the back dining area.  

We didn't care where we sat, we were just out to have a good time.  I have to say the service was the WORST I've had…possibly EVER.  The wait staff took a good 20 minute to come over to even ask if we wanted something to drink, did not offer water, did not return for another drink for quite some time, and it took us THREE hours to get our crab wontons, turkey and fried green tomato club, and salad with filet (all AMAZING!).  This, I do not think, was the wait staff's fault.  I am not sure if they were not adequately staffed, as the restaurant had just opened and it was packed, or if something happened in the kitchen, or what not.  People were upset, even cheering when their food finally came out.  It was sad.  I was shocked to see that not even our appetizer or a drink was taken off our bill.  Needless to say, my mom recommended I call over there the next day and just let them know, in a nice way of course, that the service was not what we had expected.  The owner got right on the phone and said he completely understood and apparently the computers were down that night or something along those lines.  He is sending us a gift certificate in the mail, in hopes we will come back and give a second chance.  Which, I have no doubt I will be back.  Like, I said, the food was excellent and the place is very nicely done.  Everyone has bad nights, and I will go back…after a month or so maybe, once they get the "bugs" worked out.   
  Anyways, it was a great night, with great company, and like I said, I will be giving it a second chance. 

 Sunday was my friend's birthday and we headed downtown for a nice dinner at Ouzo Bay.  
I had heard all the talk of this place, but you have to go to really understand.  First, I must say, the service was outstanding (really, pretty much anything would be compared to the previous evening).  We ordered two cocktails, a Black Tea Santorini and an Aegean Daisy, and sipped on those.  Both pretty good.  For an appetizer we tried the grilled calamari with feta.  O.M.G.  So tender and juicy, it was delicious.  He ordered a bottle of wine for us, I'm not sure which one though, but it was the perfect pairing to go with my salmon and his seabass, both amazing.  Since it was his birthday, we ended the dinner with chocolate cake and then headed over to Wit and Wisdom for an after dinner drink.  

Phew…after all that, it's time for me to get back on the elliptical.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Running  season is over for this girl.  The chilly weather has set in, and I broke down and joined the (dreaded) gym.

Any recommendations for any new restaurants in the Baltimore area??



  1. Sounds like you had some great meals! It stinks to have awful service, but at least they were nice and offered a gift certificate. Are you getting new furniture since you gave yours to your sis??

  2. Your weekend sounds amazing...and so fun. Minus the slow service of course. I know that never can be good. I didn't realize there was another Kooper's. I had my first date with my hubby @ the one in Fells. And I must try Ouzo Bay!! Please tell me where it is. It looks like the perfect place where you can throw on your favorite cocktail dress and hit the town with your girlfriends. :)