Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby VOL

One of my best friends had her baby shower over the weekend.  She is one of the strong ones who is not finding out what gender the baby is…I don't know if I could do that, as I would want to monogram everything I owned for the child!  

I like to find something unique for my friends for their babies and I found just the thing for this friend.  Leslie has been one of my best friends since 6th grade, as then we attended college together and roomed together, were in each other's weddings, and she has been a rock during hard times. 

Since I needed to find something gender neutral, I thought, no matter if the baby is a boy or girl, they will have to be ALL VOL!!!  I found this cute little onesie, pacifiers, and a little hat for Baby B!  I cannot wait to teach this precious one all about SEC football!  




  1. Love that!! GO Vols!! Just about 88 days til kickoff!

  2. Ok, so I am not a VOLS fan, but these are too cute!! I'm sure I could find Razorback ones, too. Great idea for a gift!

  3. I admire those who can wait but in this day in time it makes it harder to shop for the gift. There isn't as much gender neutral items anymore. When my bestie was pregnant anytime I found something neutral I picked it up.