Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Things Really Do Come to Those Who Wait...

My lack of blogging has been well worth it.  I originally dove head first into work when I first got separated.  It was a way to clear my head and take my mind off everything that was going on.  I'm very thankful for my job and how much I love it.  I remember nights crying myself to sleep and thinking things could possibly never get better.  Then, my dad would tell me to get in the shower and go to work, as even though my ex took away our marriage, he would not take away a job I worked so hard for over the years.  My dad was right.  And going to work was the best thing I ever did.  My patients and coworkers took my mind off my personal life and made me laugh and smile each and every day.  Well, the hard work and dedication has paid off once again.  I just got a job promotion and couldn't be more excited to take on the next role!

In the meantime, I celebrated a little…

I said "goodbye" to my loyal Pathfinder...

And "hello" to my brand car...

I headed down south to Palm Beach, Florida…
and this was my beautiful scenery as I ran in the mornings...

…and of course we shopped lots and had some delicious meals and cocktails...




  1. AWESOME!! YOu totally deserve it! Love your new ride!

  2. So happy to hear that such great things are happening for you! xoxox

  3. Many congratulations! It is absolutely amazing what God does in His time.

    And a sweet vacation and new wheels never hurt. :) Yay!

  4. You have had a lot of great things happen recently -- congrats! You have earned it all. :)

  5. This is awesome! I'm so happy for you, friend!!

  6. So happy for you!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!